Kao Tom Kra Dook Moo * Soft baby pork rib porridge..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What to cook for breakfast ??? What to eat for breakfast ?? I'm kinda bored of this questions ..
For thai people we will go for
Porridge , Pork satay/Grilled chicken with sticky rice , Soy Milk with deep-fried doughstick , etc.
but what if I wanna cook it for breakfast I will choose " PORRIDGE " hehe why ??? b'cuz its so easy and I can cook one BIG pot at once !



1. Cooked rice ( overnight rice is fine ! too)
2.Baby pork ribs ( u can use other meat as well .. minced pork/chicken , prawn , squid , fish )
3.Soup stock
4.Chinese parsley
5.Fried chopped garlic with oil
6.Oyster sauce , soy sauce ( for marinate the meat b4 cooking )
7.Cooking oil


How to : Kao tom kra dook moo

1. Marinate the baby pork ribs with oyster sauce n' soy sauce , put aside for 15-30 mins or more
2. In the pot , add in water and some pork flavor powder to make the soup stock ..

3. heat up the wok , add some cooking oil when the wok is hot , put in the marinated baby pork ribs into the wok stir till its cooked off the stove ..

4. back to the soup stock pot once its boiling then u add in the cooked rice and leave it boil one more round , off the stove and transfer the baby pork ribs from the wok to the pot , mix it together n' turn off the stove ...

5. serve the porridge by garnish it first :) sprinkle some pepper , chopped chinese parsley n' fried chopped garlic on top

6. ( EXTRA ) for Thai , we may add some fish sauce , chili flakes , vinegar in too .. for more tasty!


Thai Lesson

Porridge = Kao Tom

Pad Pak Ruam Mid * Stir Fried Mixed veggies with prawn in oyster sauce ..

Finally ... I can turn on my PC !! and my Unifi internet is working properly if not u wouldn't see this post lol :)
This post is for veggies lovers but somehow people who doesn't like veggies much or
only like some of veggies also can enjoy with my post ..
Let's get start with the ingredients



1.All your fav veggies ! but in my case I will use
- Carrot
- Broccoli
-baby corn
-Green pea
( all colorful and different in colors ... )
2.Fresh prawn ( pull out the head n' legs> peel out the shell but keep the last segment of shell and the tail tip on cut the back n' take out those black vein > rinse with water )
3.Chopped garlic
4.Oyster sauce
5.white sugar
6.Soya sauce Or Fish sauce
7. Some cooking oil
8.Some water


How to : Step by Step

1.Heat up the wok ... once its hot add some cooking oil 1-2 tbsp.

2.Wait for the oil hot and u can add chopped garlic , stir it for 5-10 seconds then add in fresh prawn stir it with the garlic ... when the prawn almost cook u can start adding some veggies in ( for me i will add in those take longer time to cook in first which is broccoli and carrot , add some water and cover the wok with a lid ( if your wok doesn't have a lid u can use a pot lid that can cover those veggies , in this way it makes the veggies to cook faster ! )

3.Add the rest of the veggies in ( Green pea n' baby corn ) leave it cook for a while then add some oyster sauce , sugar , soya sauce or fish sauce ... taste it ... once got the taste u like u can turn off the stove ( at this step don't wait too long b'cuz u don't want the veggies to become TOO SOFT to eat !!!

4.Place it in the plate :) Enjoy ....


Thai Lesson

- Vegetable = Pak
- Soft = Nim
- Veggies lovers = Kon Rak Pak

Kai Pad Khiing*

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pad Prik Tua *

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pad Prik Tua

First I have to tell u guys that this post wont have a photo to show u step by step . but i will try my best to explain it all to u .
So sorry for that cuz I wasnt plan to blog about this dish ... it was 1 quick lunch menu and yes when i said quick ..i dun have time to snap shot by shot hehehe but anyway this dish is very simple so I believe u guys wont get confuse after all ..


Long bean cut 1 cm. each
Sliced pork with some fats
Cooking oil
Fish sauce
Some water
Kaffir lime leaves
Red chili paste

How to make Red chili paste : you will need

- Kaffir lime skin
- Galanga
- Lemon grass
- Red shallot
- Garlic
- Shrimp paste
- Red dried chilies

**** Pound it together OR Blend it together ...and you will get the paste ****

How to cook :

1. Heat up the wok ... after its hot then add some cooking oil wait for few seconds
2. Add the red chili paste into the wok ... fry it with the oil until fragrance then u can put the sliced pork
3. Stir the paste and the pork together ..after the pork almost cooked then u can add the long bean in
4. Add some fish sauce , sugar and some water into the wok ... cover the wok to make the long bean cook faster....
5. Last , rip the kaffir lime leaves and put into the wok ... stir all together one more time and you are done !
6.Serve it with some cooked rice

Show Off my E-Sarn Food ... :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi...bloggers and readers :)

Here are some E-Sarn food i made last few months but i didn't have time to blog it as soon as i uploaded the photos into my PC ... yeah i was super duper busy with my kids ( as usual ) and have to traveling here and there ... but I will try my best to upload more for u guys...

This post is actually Thai food but its north-eastern Thai food .. its spicy and sour as u can see from the photos . but its also one of my fav food ! hehe easy to cook and easy to eat . u can eat it or cook it anytime :)

# all the dishes #

#1 This one called " Sup Nor Mai " a bit spicy and salty . cooked with marinated bamboo ( a bit smelly ) , shallot , mint ,dried flake chilies , roasted sticky rice , lime , spring onion.

#2 This one called " som tum Poo Maa " cooked with papaya , carrot ,tomato , marinated blue crab , fish sauce , lime , palm sugar , garlic , fresh chilies , long bean ( I got posted up how to make som tum and how to marinate the blue/flower crab ..u can search in my blog )

#3 This one called " Tom Zap Ka Dook Aon " this one almost like clear tom yum ... taste sour , spicy and a little bit salty . Cooked with saw celery ( i m not so sure how it called cuz there r many on it on Google but it does look like saw ) , soft bone pork ribs , mushroom , shallot , dried flake chilies , lime , fish sauce , roasted sticky rice , spring onion .

#4 This one called " Nam Tok Nuae " This dish is beef but if u dont eat beef u can use chicken/pork instead of it . Cooked with grilled beef , Sweet basil , shallot , dried flake chilies , fish sauce , lime , spring onion , roasted sticky rice and some soup stock.

#5 The last dish called " Kai Yang Ka ti " this one got coconut milk involved :p but how ?? heheh yeah its chicken marinated in coconut milk with some oyster and palm sugar few hours before grill it . simple but nice

This 2 photos i didn't cook it lol
The first pic is just some veggies that we usually eat with this type of food or u can add some sweet basil leaves as well :) its nice !!
And the second pic is " Ka Nhom Jeen " another type of noodle made from rice very soft but if u dun have this in ur place u can try cook some sticky rice with your rice cooker or microwave
and u can enjoy all this dishes just like when u having it in Thailand !

Pad Ped Moo :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

hi....guys :)

I know ...I kinda lack of updating my blog...not as active like before...well too many things to do especially when my 2 kids around..and also due to my broadband internet last time but now i'm using streamyX so hopefully u guys will see me update my blog more ...
okay, let's get start preparing our ingredients for this dish called " PAD PED MOO " yummy !!



Pork ( or catfish , boar meat )
fresh red chili ( sliced )
Fresh kaempferia ( sliced )
Fresh pepper
Red chili paste
Eggplants ( tiny , big - cut 4 )
Baby young corn ( sliced thick )
Fish sauce
Cooking oil


1. Prepare all the ingredients follow by the list...

2. Zoom to all the ingredients on the plate

3. Cut the eggplants and soak in the water

4. Pluck the basil leaves..

5. Heat up the wok and pour some cooking oil in ...

6.after the oil is hot then u can add the red chili paste. Stir it with the oil

7. after a while , add in the meat and stir it together , if it too dry u can add some oil here

8. Stir till the meat almost cooked
9. Add eggplants in

10. And also the rest of the stuffs. Stir well

11. Add some sugar , fish sauce , water

12. Cover the wok with the lid for 5 mins

13. After 5 mins , Take out the lid and add basil leaves

14. Stir it for at least 30 sec - 1 mins

15. And then u r done !! Get the plate ready

# is it looks yummy to u ??? #

# Nice and easy right?? #

# What are u waiting for ??? Get me some rice !!!! Juz cant wait !! #

SOme of korean side dishes I've made*

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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