Ka Naa.. Pad.. Moo.. Nam Mon Hoyy *

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nothing to say much about this dish ...
just another simple dish ...suitable for lunch cuz its easy and fast
suppose to teach Alvin to cook this dish for his gf's Birthday
but end up i taught him Pad Thai and also make the pad thai sauce for him
pad thai is easy to make but not easy to make it nice
the most important thing is " The sauce "
Okay about this dish ... u can cook for ur children to eat as well
cuz it is not spicy at all
better with BEEF but I tried beef once before so this time
I will cook it with pork :)


Pork/Beef ( sliced )
Garlic ( Chopped )
Steam White Rice
Oyster Sauce
Soy Sauce
Black Pepper
Chinese Cooking Wine
Cooking Oil



Stir Fried Kailan with tender pork

wash and cut out the hard part from Kailan

Sliced pork or beef ...

1 tsp. - black pepper
1 tsp. - sugar
1 tbsp. - soy sauce
1 tbsp. - chinese cooking wine
2 tbsp. - oyster sauce

Mix all the sauce together in mixing bowl . wrap the bowl with plastic and chill it in the fride for
40-60 mins

To soft-boil Kailan : add 1tsp. sugar , 1 tsp. salt into the water...boil in the hot water for 3-5 mins

after that take it and faster soak or rinse with the ICE WATERsqueeze out the water and leave it dry

Fill in the rice to the small bowl to shape it nicely to a plate

To Stir fry Kailan : Add 1 tsp. of cooking oil in to the wok ( make sure its hot ) then put the kailan
and fry with the oil... u have to fry it fast otherwise kailan will turn too soft
place the fried kailan into the plate..

Come to last step... fry the marinated pork ...u can use the same wok to fry the pork.add 1 tsp. of cooking oil and add the chopped garlic... fry the garlic until fragrant then thrown in the marinated pork ...fry till the pork turns brown and cooked...

Put the fried marinated pork on top of fried kailan
and you re done

Simply delicious

Enjoy Cooking
Thai lesson
Kailan = Ka Naa
Tender = Nim
Ice water = Nam Yen

We ♥ Steamboat *

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to 3 yrs ago when i was in Bangkok... I got the sms from my bf ( which he is my husband today Muahahhaha ) said " Darling i finished cycle already ... I will go back shower and then go out eat steamboat with isaac ( my god brother ) , justin they all . call u when i get back home , bye love u .." i was wondering " what the heck is " STEAMBOAT " nve heard that before in my life !! HAHAHA.... cuz in Thailand we dun call it steamboat .... but " SUKI " so i tried to think what is that ... is it a restaurant in the boat?.... what kind of food is that ? and i didnt ask him also. i thought that i can find the answer for myself ... until My first trip to Msia..2 yrs ago... then he brought me to BeBeHo .... Ohhhh now I know !!!!! and Ohhhhh again...... becuz I nvr thought of eating SUKI in an open air place !!! HAHAHA ... kinda different.... but anyway 3 yrs later I became a steamboat lover ... cuz its so healthy and with a hot soup...thats so niceeeeeee....

hehehe long story about steamboat.... anyway... i know u must be thinking i am so stupid hahaha dunno what is steamboat..... what a dump thai girl ... hahahaha i knowwwww..... but now i am so clever to prepare all the steamboat stuffs...

Such a big tray..

Fish noodle and meat ball

Is this also called " fried tofu ?? " the steamboat stuff is so complicated !!

Soft Tofu... so nice so smooth...

I have no idea.... I didnt even get to eat this hahaha

I ♥ fishbrain Oops... fishball

errrr.... not sure what is that HAHAHA like fried tofu then inside is the fish blah blahh

Chinese cabbage and Morning Glory ( KangKong )

Cabbage !!

Oh Mushroom ♥ ♥ ♥ remind me of my doggie , handsome !!

Japanese egg tofu ♥ ! ♥

so u want ...

Mee?? or me ??


♥ Fresh veggies ♥

Steamboat , anyone???
For the soup*
Boil plain water with sliced white carrot , ikan bilis ( Anchovy ),Tong Chai for 2-3 hrs. :)
done !!
Ps* soup recipe credit goes to Mr.Ng ...*
*Enjoy Cooking *

Thai Spicy Seafood Salad*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yum Yum Seafood
If u have been to Thailand before... u might know already that what I'm cooking today...
its called " Yum Yum " ( in thai )which mean "mix n' mix " in english...
funny ??? hahahah why mix and mix ? of course its a Salad...but this one will be spicy salad ..0.O
and different from those american salad :)
Okay Let me list out what do u need to make this dish



Fresh prawn and squid ( washed , cut , boiled )
Minced porked ( boiled )
Fish boiled ( washed , cut , boiled )
Tomato ( sliced )
Onion ( sliced )
Parsley ( chopped 1 cm. )
Lime juice , fish sauce , chili , garlic , minced pork stock,sugar , pork stock ( blended together )


HOW TO : Yum Seafood

Parsley , sliced onion , sliced tomato are ready ...

For tomato , u might want to cut away the seeds first....for a better result :)

after that sliced it to a smaller piece ( optional )

Squid... prepare to boil

same with prawn.... make sure u get the fresh prawn for this salad

we will boil the minced pork first.

I added some pork flavour which i got it from Thailand... if u dun have it u can just add some soy sauce or seasoning sauce

now the water is boiling,,,, what are u waiting for???

put the minced pork into the pot... boil till 95% cooked..dont over boiled cuz the meat will be too hard...

pour the whole thing into the bowl

next, I boil the fish ball ( i cut it half so it can cook faster ... this fish ball i boil for 2-3 mins cuz I dunwan the fish smell )

cooked, put in the bowl

Now its time to boil the squid, less than 45 sec...cuz if too long the squid will be very sticky..hard to chew

thats how it looks ... i love squid

Last, is the prawn...why ? becuz the prawn will make the soup and the pot become orange colour. so i boil it last !!
smart me!!

Look at that... so nice !!!

come to the sauce, I use this blender to make the sauce... lazy to pound it with hand .. ><'
in this blender : fresh chili , garlic , sugar,lime juice,fish sauce,pork stock.
then taste the sauce...get the taste u and ur family/friends like ...

In the mixing bowl(pot) throw in the sliced onion,tomato ....

and also minced pork,fish ball , squid,prawn ..all in

pour in the sauce..

and parsley also put in the mixing bowl

Now .... MIX MIX MIX MIX MIX MIX wellllll

Put in the plate....and ready to serve....

I didnt put much chili ... if u want more spicy u can put more chili :)

*Enjoy Cooking *
for a nicer colour... u might use red chili instead of green :) but I already have green chili in my fridge so i just use it...wanna finish it all ....fridge getting more stuffs now
husbie will be very noisy later......
Thai Lesson
green chili = Prik kiew
red chili = Prik Dang
Add = Termm

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