Hoyy Laii Pad Nam Prik Phao*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoyy Laii Pad Nam prik Phao or fired soft-shell clams with homemade chili paste or in malaysia they called " stired fried LALA "
For this dish I will teach you how to clean the lala also .
smelly , dirty mud , some shell not even open!!!???!!!



Soft-shell clams ( wash 5-6 times at least )
Homemade chili paste ( u can see how to make it from my previous post )
Sweet basil
Kaffir leaf
Garlic ( chopped )
Fish sauce
Cooking Oil
Some water


#1# How To : Clean the mud and open the shell
For the clams that already open abit u can use ur hand and open it more so later u can wash it easily.and for those clams that not even open, u have to use the small knife to open it.Gentle and slowly at this step.I dont want u to hurt yourself later

Rinse with water for 5-6 times or until it looks clean.... then soak it in the salt water for at least 5 mins. so the clams will split out the dirty mud .

Rinse 2-3 time with water again . and take a look at those clean clams..
Now I can happily cook and yes happily eat it !!!

#2# How To : Hoyy Laii Pad Nam Prik Phao

Heat up the wok , add some oil .

Once the oil is hot. Add chopped garlic into the wok..fry it with the oil till fragrant.
Then put Clams in ...

Add Homemade red chili paste 2-3 tbsp.
Mix well...

Add 1 tbsp. of sugar

Add some fish sauce.mix well ( if its too dry u can add some water in )

put in sweet basil and kaffir leaf .mix one last time and off the stove.

Serve :)
*Enjoy Cooking*
Thai Lesson
Soft - shell clams = Hoyy Laii
Kaffir leaf = Bai Ma Krood
Mud = Crone

Homemade Nam Prik Phao*

This called " Nam Prik Phao " U can use this cook so many dishes such as Tom Yum Soup or fry it with soft-shell clams/prawns... whatever u like :) . This is my first time making my own homemade chili paste and i didnt fail hahahaha well.The making step is so easy and fast
I didnt spend money making this at all since my house already got all the ingredients
Red dried chili ( cut into half )
Garlic ( sliced )
Dried shrimp ( wash 4-5 times )
Shrimp paste
Palm sugar ( pounded )
Tamarine juice
Fish sauce
Cooking oil
HOW TO : Homemade Nam Prik Phao
Pound the palm sugar , put aside
Squeeze the juice out from the tamarine ( 1 small bowl )
Prepare red dried chili,garlic,shallot

heat up the wok ... thrown all into the wok ( medium heat )

and dried shrimp , shrimp paste ( just 1 tbsp. )

Add dried shrimp and shrimp paste in ... roast it together

Roast it for 7-10 mins

After that tranfer it to the big bowl . ready for the next step

Take it and put in the mortar.... pound it till very fine

This is it.... what do u think ???
he did a great job ....xoxo

Zoom ....Zoom ..check out the texture...looking great

Man behind the bowl / man behind the mortar
Thanks for his help !!! ........:>3...........if wasnt becuz of his help
I guess I cant finish making this Nam Prik Phao
Heat up the same wok , add cooking oil for maybe 7-10 tbsp. or more if u want to..
Once the oil is hot ... add the pounded chili paste in

Fry it .... with the oil ...at this step u might want to open all ur kitchen windows !!!

As u can see...the chili slowly turning the colour....

Lower the stove , add in pounded palm sugar

Tamarine juice also add in now

some of fish sauce ( u dun need to add more than 1 tbsp cuz the shrimp paste and dried shimp already salty ) ad dthis foish sauce to get a smell and a tasty taste!!
At this step , still in low heat, fry it till it become thicker... if its too dry u can add more cooking oil..( cooking oil can use for colouring ur tom yum soup )
Get 1 glass bottle to tranfer Nam Prik Pho in
Make sure it comes with the lid

in this photo : the small bottle chili paste i bought from Jusco supermarket
just in case i couldnt get the right taste in Nam Prik Phao hehe ..
That small bottle u can eat with bread ( use it as a butter )
it tastes very sweet... :)
You can keep in the fridge ...
*Enjoy cooking *

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