Som Tum Poo Maa

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Som Tum Poo Maa or Spicy papaya salad with salted flower crab....well without the crab also can make papaya salad ...but of course it will be more delicious and yummy with it hehehhe okay lets see how to make salted flower crab at home ....
Things u might need : Flower crabs , Fish Sauce , Sugar ..thats all !!! so easy !!!!
1. Dear God ... i 'm so so sorry that i have to kill this crabs :( it was alive !!! k-i-l-l- the crabs
wash it with water...cut into half

2.We dun need those things in NO.7...once everything is ready so put it to the small, flat Box with lid.add fish sauce( not so much just make sure it can cover all the crabs ) and white sugar
1-2 Tbsp.

3.cover it up and chill in the fridge...


1 day later.... now we have salted crab ... we re ready to make som tum :) ( spicy papaya salad )


Green papaya
Red Chili
Long bean
Fish sauce
Palm sugar
Salted flower crab

for today i will only make this for my lunch :)

Thats the fish sauce , palm sugar , salted flower crab

veggies/fruits peeler

Starting from the papaya ...cut the top part away..peel it with the peeler

prepare 1 bowl of ice and place the sliced papaya and carrot on the ice .chill in the fridge

pound chili , garlic together

Squeeze some lime juice

Add some fish sauce

add alittle bit of palm sugar / white sugar

Add sliced tomatoes ( take out some seeds )

Normally after pound chili , garlic the next step is follow by the salted crab BUT my pounder is too small so i skip it until almost the last step then only i put crab....

After that , take out the sliced papaya , carrot from the fridge and put on the pounder

Oh i almost forgot this long bean !!!

And then u re done !!!

Now u can try your spicy som tum poo ma @home
*Enjoy Cooking*
Thai Lesson
-Flower crab = Poo maa
-Salted crab = Poo Kem

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