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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kimchi Jjigae*

If Talking about Korean food ... I would think of " Kimchi Jjigae " first !!
What about you??
So it was my second times cooking Korean food again
for family ..
Too bad I didnt have enough time to make kimchi myself :(
But nevermind !!! I will make it one day
" Ammie's Kimchi "
Okay enough talking lets see the ingredients
Kimchi broth
Soft tofu
pork belly/bacon or any part of pork ( u can use tuna if u want )
Big red chili
Spring onion
HOW TO : Kimchi Jjigae...

*Prepare all this stuffs before u get start *

#1# Thats Kimchi I bought from Korean Town..( opposite Ampang Point ) RM 10 for 1 box.

#2# Pork Belly.... Nice !! love it so much..bought from husband's friend !! Cougar :)

#3# Soft Tofu. Cut it into smaller piece... not so thin u dunwan to crack it all when its boiling later

#4#Ganish with spring onion and big red chili later !

Pour some water into the pot ... maybe 2-3 cups

Take kimchi out from the box and add in the pot

Pour the kimchi broth into the pot as well...for more tasty !!!

Okay ...let it boil for 7-10 mins

And after that add in the pork belly...

Also add in Soft not stir...

Now its boiling... u can garnish it at this step.. and turn off the stove
*Enjoy Cooking*
Ps* sorry the blog was little short today.... I need to play with my kids now hehe " mom's duty"

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