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Thursday, March 31, 2011

hi....guys :)

I know ...I kinda lack of updating my blog...not as active like before...well too many things to do especially when my 2 kids around..and also due to my broadband internet last time but now i'm using streamyX so hopefully u guys will see me update my blog more ...
okay, let's get start preparing our ingredients for this dish called " PAD PED MOO " yummy !!



Pork ( or catfish , boar meat )
fresh red chili ( sliced )
Fresh kaempferia ( sliced )
Fresh pepper
Red chili paste
Eggplants ( tiny , big - cut 4 )
Baby young corn ( sliced thick )
Fish sauce
Cooking oil


1. Prepare all the ingredients follow by the list...

2. Zoom to all the ingredients on the plate

3. Cut the eggplants and soak in the water

4. Pluck the basil leaves..

5. Heat up the wok and pour some cooking oil in ...

6.after the oil is hot then u can add the red chili paste. Stir it with the oil

7. after a while , add in the meat and stir it together , if it too dry u can add some oil here

8. Stir till the meat almost cooked
9. Add eggplants in

10. And also the rest of the stuffs. Stir well

11. Add some sugar , fish sauce , water

12. Cover the wok with the lid for 5 mins

13. After 5 mins , Take out the lid and add basil leaves

14. Stir it for at least 30 sec - 1 mins

15. And then u r done !! Get the plate ready

# is it looks yummy to u ??? #

# Nice and easy right?? #

# What are u waiting for ??? Get me some rice !!!! Juz cant wait !! #


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