* Nam Prik Ka Pi with Pra Too Todd *

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

" Nam Prik Ka Pi with Pra Too Todd "

I still remember we have this dish almost everyday back home...cuz if we cant finish it..We still can keep it in the fridge and take it out to eat next time... But not many people really know how to make it especially teenagers nowadays. My aunt and my mother, they love to make it for dinner at home ..and it doesnt need alot of ingredients. and it desnt take alot of time to make it .
Alot of people do enjoy eating it even my husbie :) and if you serve this dish on the table I'm sure everyone will enjoy it as well
Okay Time to list down the ingredients :)



Shrimp Paste

Lime Juice

Palm Sugar / White Sugar

Dried Shrimp






Cooking Oil


How To : Nam Prik Ka Pi with Pra Too Todd

This is " shrimp paste " I use 1 big tbs. to make this dish cuz this one is very salty so dont need to put so much .. oh the shrimp paste I am not sure where can find in malaysia but u can get it in Thailand everywhere even supermarket or fresh market..or you can buy it from Singapore...and maybe in penang ... not sure also but since its near to Thailand it should be possible to get it from there..I got mine from Pattaya,Thailand :) Thanks to my uncle he got it for me :) and its going to finish soon ...I will have to stock up again when I go back BKK this April :)

First step is pound chillies with garlic until fine and after that u can add the shrimp paste into the mortar pounder..

Now you can see that the shrimp paste and chillies ,garlic are mixed well..

Take the limes out ready to squeeze in the next step... i use 1 whole lime.

Squeeze into the mortar pounder....dont forget to take out all the seeds :) one more thing about malaysia lime is ... it has alot of seeds ... and its very tiny ..but... Thailand lime .. big seeds and not much ... funny !! but both also very sour hahaha

thats the dried shrimp... wash or soak it in the warm water for a while before using....

So now add it into the mortar pounder..

Add white sugar...normally I will use palm sugar...BUT my kitchen run out of palm sugar so use whatever it has and taste sweet just like palm sugar... hehehe

Now add some warm water ... to make the paste not so thick and not so salty...mix throughly one last time...

Then transfer it to the bowl :) garnish with some red chillies :)

Oh in Thailand we called " Pra Too " I dunno what they called it in malaysia... but my husband said its " Ikan Kempung " can buy from fresh market, some supermarket or even 99 speedmart sometimes ha ha ha. yeah I got mine from 99 speedmart... at RM 2.99 !! for 8 of them but small one ..

Turn on the strove ... heat up the wok,add some cooking oil.. and fry it ... if not enough oil it will stick to the wok and the fish will look very dry .. and we dun always turn the the fish while we frying it cuz the fish skin will stick to the wok...not nice to serve :) or if u dont like to take this fish u can use other fish as well... or u can just fry egg and eat with the paste also can !!

Now we got the fried fish and some veggies ... you can use many type of veggies if you want to..
such as carrot,boiled lady finger,boiled cabbage,boiled kangkong,fried egg with eggplant

,..etc....your choice you choose !!! anyway veggies are good for health so please take more veggies!!

So this is it !!! Nam Prik Ka Pi with Pra Too Todd

Its not I only take this long bean and cucumber BUT I only have this 2 veggies in my fridge..... I love veggies !!!

Serve with rice then Yum Yum !!!!
* Enjoy Cooking *
* Thai Lesson *
- Nam Prik = Chillies paste
- Mortar Pounder = Krok
- Pound = Tum
- Shrimp Paste = Ka Pi

* Thai Chicken Green Curry *

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

" Thai Chicken Green Curry or Kang Kiew Whaan Kai "

I bet u have tried this dish before ....am I right?
And u fell in love with it and want to know how to make it ...am I right?
but just not sure how to make the green curry paste...am I right?
And u scared those pastes that selling in supermarket wont taste nice...am I right?
well... for what i can say is I 've tried using the paste from those super market before.
the bottle looked really nice so i thought maybe it will taste nice too...
and yes its imported from THAILAND !!!!
Why dun just give it a try !!!
Oh yeahhhhh
i was disappointed with the taste and the smell once i opened it ..
nothing taste better than the home made one !! ...
but abit hard to find some ingredients.
Okay let me list down the ingredients for u to check it out !!!



Chicken meat
Sweet Basil leaves
Coconut milk ( thick + thin )
Fish Sauce
Cooking Oil
Green Curry Paste
Sliced Large Red Chilie for Ganish


Green curry Paste recipe !!

Large Green Chilies
Sliced Shallots
Finely Sliced Fresh Galangal
Sliced Fresh Lemongrass
Finely Sliced Kaffir Lime Skin
Chopped Coriander Root
Sea Salt
Shrimp Paste
Coriander Seeds
Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds and Coriander Seeds
( bought from jusco supermarket )

How to : Green Curry Paste

- Combine coriander seeds, cumin and peppercorn in a mortar, pound well. Transfer to a bowl and put aside.

- Pound hot chilies and salt together well. Add the remaining ingredients except shrimp paste, pound until mixed well.

- Add the cumin mixture and shrimp paste, continue pounding until smooth and fine.

- Finish !!! easy right?? its easy to do but not easy to find the ingredient !!! Hope u all enjoy Pounding the green curry paste hehehhe... ><' Oh u can use the blender as well if u re too lazy...
but the paste will be too soft and wet... better pound hehehe so no choice gals ...


How To : Thai Chicken green Curry

So all u need to prepare is in this picture... not many thing right ?? yeah Green curry is very easy to cook ..use very little ingredient.. but just dun count the making green curry paste part !! cuz " Thats alot of work !! "

heat up the stove ... add 2 tsp. of cooking oil then stir it with the green curry paste till fragrant !! This step smell so good !

I using coconut cream ( Thailand's Product ..again!! but this brand is very nice ..I luv Chao Koh )
You can use fresh coconut milk !!! thats.... the.... best... for the smell and the taste...

okay now pour some of the coconut milk inside the pot and mix throughly..This step also smell very nice hahahha ( this step use thick coconut )

So now throw in chicken meat...mix it with the paste !!!!

Now slowly add more ( Thin ) coconut milk into the pot !!! and wait till its boiling then u can go for next step...

Thrown in sliced eggplant and u can add sugar,fish sauce at this step...and the taste must be sweet abit and salty a bit but not too much if it too salty u can add more thin coconut.lower the stove...and continue boiling the green curry till the eggplant getting softer .... but not too soft...

At this very last step... add sweet basil leaves into the pot.. and u can garnish it by adding some sliced large red chilie on top ...Done !!!!

Thai Chicken Green curry
( Another photo without flash )


* Enjoy Cooking *

Ps. I actually dun always make my own green curry paste . Every time I go back Thailand I will go to the fresh market and buy from there ...like 1-2 kg. cuz some of the ingredients not everytime can find here so I just buy and put it into the freezer.. can keep like year !! and the taste still great even kept for so long...maybe u can try also :) very cheap !!!

* Thai Lesson *
- Green = Kiew
- Coconut Milk = Ka Thi
- Chilie Paste = Prik Kang
- Sweet Basil Leaf = Bai Ho Ra Paa

* Pad Macaroni Goong *

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Pad Macaroni Goong "

Seriously... I dont know what to cook for my lunch and I also a bit lazy to cook hehehe
So I decided to cook something that dont need to prepare too long and not also dont need to use alot of equipments.
So it is ... " Pad Macaroni Goong "
Since I have some fresh prawns in the freezer and some tomato,onion in the fridge...
Lets start now..



Cooked Macaroni ( boiled )
Chopped garlic
Sliced Tomato ( Take out seed and the soft part )
Sliced Onion
Spring Onion
Tomato Sauce
Fresh Prawn
Seasoning Sauce/Soy sauce
Oyster Sauce
Cooking Oil


How To : Pad Macaroni Goong

Wow so little ingredients .... This is going to be super easy!!! Okay gals ..follow me by preparing all this ingredients...

and this is the sauce that I will be using in this dish...

first, heat up the wok then add some oil wait till the oil is hot then throw in chopped garlic. fry it till become yellowish but not BURN...

Now throw in fresh prawns ....

Once the prawns are 80% cooked u can add Macaroni in the wok.

Add Sliced onion and Sliced tomatoes into the wok..

Now you can add oyster sauce ,sugar , seasoning sauce,fish sauce into the wok...mix well

Now add some tomatoes sauce in it..mix one more time

then mix all and taste it ...

At this very last step , throw in spring onion into the wok ...

Mix it will the macaroni !!! And you re done !!

Tranfer it to the Plate .... Yummy Time !!!

* Enjoy Cooking *
* Thai Lesson *
- Easy = Ngaii
- Fast = Rail

* Tod Mon Goong *

" Tod Mon Goong or Prawn Pancake "

This is my fav dish ever !!! since when i was little untill now ..A mother of 2 :)
And I always wanna make it but just there are very easy to find
you can see this dish in those Thai restaurant
Its more like appetizer / snack
But still it is Yummy !!
Okay let's get start !
Fresh Prawn
Minced Pork with Fats
Cooking Oil
Plum Sauce
How To : Tod Mon Goong

Clean the prawns by cut away the head and cut the back take out those black colour line ...

This is Minced pork i bought from super market . Those whote colour is the pork fats..the pork fats will make your tod mon more softer...

Add bit by bit into the blender..dun put everything inside one shot.Unless your blender is super duper POWERFUL !! cuz it will get stuck later...

Once all mix together and become smoother then take it out put in the mixing bowl.

Before mix , Add 1 tsp of salt...

1 tsp. of pepper..

And 2 tsp. of sugar...

Use your hand and mix it for 15 mins...

Transfer to the smaller bowl .Cover it and put it in the fridge for 30-40 mins

After that, take it out and knead it with ur hand again for 15 mins

and put back in the fridge.

The best is Knead it 3 time before deep fry it..

Sliced carrot and cabbage for ganish the dish later.

Roll the paiste into round sharp and then place it into the breadcrumbs and roll all over to evenly cover it.

Look like we re ready to Deep Fry it.

Deep frying Tod Mon Goong.....

Ganish the dish with sliced carrot and cabbage or you can add some flowers in it also just like mine . I took this 2 cute flowers from my garden . Dip with the Plum Sauce...

*Yum Yum*

*Enjoy Cooking *
*Thai Lesson*
To blend = Pun
Minced Pork = Moo Zub
Appetizer /Snack = Khong Waang / Ka Nhom

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