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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi...bloggers and readers :)

Here are some E-Sarn food i made last few months but i didn't have time to blog it as soon as i uploaded the photos into my PC ... yeah i was super duper busy with my kids ( as usual ) and have to traveling here and there ... but I will try my best to upload more for u guys...

This post is actually Thai food but its north-eastern Thai food .. its spicy and sour as u can see from the photos . but its also one of my fav food ! hehe easy to cook and easy to eat . u can eat it or cook it anytime :)

# all the dishes #

#1 This one called " Sup Nor Mai " a bit spicy and salty . cooked with marinated bamboo ( a bit smelly ) , shallot , mint ,dried flake chilies , roasted sticky rice , lime , spring onion.

#2 This one called " som tum Poo Maa " cooked with papaya , carrot ,tomato , marinated blue crab , fish sauce , lime , palm sugar , garlic , fresh chilies , long bean ( I got posted up how to make som tum and how to marinate the blue/flower crab ..u can search in my blog )

#3 This one called " Tom Zap Ka Dook Aon " this one almost like clear tom yum ... taste sour , spicy and a little bit salty . Cooked with saw celery ( i m not so sure how it called cuz there r many on it on Google but it does look like saw ) , soft bone pork ribs , mushroom , shallot , dried flake chilies , lime , fish sauce , roasted sticky rice , spring onion .

#4 This one called " Nam Tok Nuae " This dish is beef but if u dont eat beef u can use chicken/pork instead of it . Cooked with grilled beef , Sweet basil , shallot , dried flake chilies , fish sauce , lime , spring onion , roasted sticky rice and some soup stock.

#5 The last dish called " Kai Yang Ka ti " this one got coconut milk involved :p but how ?? heheh yeah its chicken marinated in coconut milk with some oyster and palm sugar few hours before grill it . simple but nice

This 2 photos i didn't cook it lol
The first pic is just some veggies that we usually eat with this type of food or u can add some sweet basil leaves as well :) its nice !!
And the second pic is " Ka Nhom Jeen " another type of noodle made from rice very soft but if u dun have this in ur place u can try cook some sticky rice with your rice cooker or microwave
and u can enjoy all this dishes just like when u having it in Thailand !


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