Pad Prik Tua *

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pad Prik Tua

First I have to tell u guys that this post wont have a photo to show u step by step . but i will try my best to explain it all to u .
So sorry for that cuz I wasnt plan to blog about this dish ... it was 1 quick lunch menu and yes when i said quick ..i dun have time to snap shot by shot hehehe but anyway this dish is very simple so I believe u guys wont get confuse after all ..


Long bean cut 1 cm. each
Sliced pork with some fats
Cooking oil
Fish sauce
Some water
Kaffir lime leaves
Red chili paste

How to make Red chili paste : you will need

- Kaffir lime skin
- Galanga
- Lemon grass
- Red shallot
- Garlic
- Shrimp paste
- Red dried chilies

**** Pound it together OR Blend it together ...and you will get the paste ****

How to cook :

1. Heat up the wok ... after its hot then add some cooking oil wait for few seconds
2. Add the red chili paste into the wok ... fry it with the oil until fragrance then u can put the sliced pork
3. Stir the paste and the pork together ..after the pork almost cooked then u can add the long bean in
4. Add some fish sauce , sugar and some water into the wok ... cover the wok to make the long bean cook faster....
5. Last , rip the kaffir lime leaves and put into the wok ... stir all together one more time and you are done !
6.Serve it with some cooked rice


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