Kao Tom Kra Dook Moo * Soft baby pork rib porridge..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What to cook for breakfast ??? What to eat for breakfast ?? I'm kinda bored of this questions ..
For thai people we will go for
Porridge , Pork satay/Grilled chicken with sticky rice , Soy Milk with deep-fried doughstick , etc.
but what if I wanna cook it for breakfast I will choose " PORRIDGE " hehe why ??? b'cuz its so easy and I can cook one BIG pot at once !



1. Cooked rice ( overnight rice is fine ! too)
2.Baby pork ribs ( u can use other meat as well .. minced pork/chicken , prawn , squid , fish )
3.Soup stock
4.Chinese parsley
5.Fried chopped garlic with oil
6.Oyster sauce , soy sauce ( for marinate the meat b4 cooking )
7.Cooking oil


How to : Kao tom kra dook moo

1. Marinate the baby pork ribs with oyster sauce n' soy sauce , put aside for 15-30 mins or more
2. In the pot , add in water and some pork flavor powder to make the soup stock ..

3. heat up the wok , add some cooking oil when the wok is hot , put in the marinated baby pork ribs into the wok stir till its cooked off the stove ..

4. back to the soup stock pot once its boiling then u add in the cooked rice and leave it boil one more round , off the stove and transfer the baby pork ribs from the wok to the pot , mix it together n' turn off the stove ...

5. serve the porridge by garnish it first :) sprinkle some pepper , chopped chinese parsley n' fried chopped garlic on top

6. ( EXTRA ) for Thai , we may add some fish sauce , chili flakes , vinegar in too .. for more tasty!


Thai Lesson

Porridge = Kao Tom


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