Pad Pak Ruam Mid * Stir Fried Mixed veggies with prawn in oyster sauce ..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally ... I can turn on my PC !! and my Unifi internet is working properly if not u wouldn't see this post lol :)
This post is for veggies lovers but somehow people who doesn't like veggies much or
only like some of veggies also can enjoy with my post ..
Let's get start with the ingredients



1.All your fav veggies ! but in my case I will use
- Carrot
- Broccoli
-baby corn
-Green pea
( all colorful and different in colors ... )
2.Fresh prawn ( pull out the head n' legs> peel out the shell but keep the last segment of shell and the tail tip on cut the back n' take out those black vein > rinse with water )
3.Chopped garlic
4.Oyster sauce
5.white sugar
6.Soya sauce Or Fish sauce
7. Some cooking oil
8.Some water


How to : Step by Step

1.Heat up the wok ... once its hot add some cooking oil 1-2 tbsp.

2.Wait for the oil hot and u can add chopped garlic , stir it for 5-10 seconds then add in fresh prawn stir it with the garlic ... when the prawn almost cook u can start adding some veggies in ( for me i will add in those take longer time to cook in first which is broccoli and carrot , add some water and cover the wok with a lid ( if your wok doesn't have a lid u can use a pot lid that can cover those veggies , in this way it makes the veggies to cook faster ! )

3.Add the rest of the veggies in ( Green pea n' baby corn ) leave it cook for a while then add some oyster sauce , sugar , soya sauce or fish sauce ... taste it ... once got the taste u like u can turn off the stove ( at this step don't wait too long b'cuz u don't want the veggies to become TOO SOFT to eat !!!

4.Place it in the plate :) Enjoy ....


Thai Lesson

- Vegetable = Pak
- Soft = Nim
- Veggies lovers = Kon Rak Pak


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